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AARTO and the Impact on Your Business


The Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act of 1998 as amended in 2019


President Ramaphosa signed the controversial AARTO Bill into law on 13 August 2019 and will be implemented once the law has been gazetted with a commencement date


28 November 2019: Emperors Palace: Convention Centre


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Module 1 – What is AARTO?


Module 2 - How does it work?


2.1 The Infringement Notice

  • How can infringements (fines) be served

  • The timeframe

  • How to nominate the driver

  • How to pay the discounted fine

  • How to “appeal” against an infringement order


2.2 The Courtesy Letter


2.3 The Enforcement Order


2.4 The Appeals Tribunal


2.5 Review of Decisions Taken by Appeals Tribunal


Module 3


3.1 Demerit Points

  • How many demerit points before licence is suspended

- Operators

- Demerit points – exclusions

  • What happens if licence is suspended

  • What happens if licence is cancelled

  • How to get a licence back


3.2 Traffic Charges (Fines and Demerit Points)


Module 4 – AARTO and Your Business


4.1 AARTO and Your Employees


4.2 Record Keeping


4.3 Verification of Demerit Points for Your Drivers


4.4 You Policies (Sample Policy)

  • How to implement new policies

  • Disciplinary measures against the employee

  • How to deal with incapacity  (licences suspended)



  • The primary objective of this workshop is to assist companies in effectively dealing with procedures under the AARTO Act and ways of preventing the far reaching effect this act could have on your fleet and employees.    

  • Delegates will be guided on how to deal with employees that are no longer able to drive because of demerit points incurred; disciplining employees that incur traffic fines and how to implement new policies and procedures relating to company vehicles.


Course Outcome

  • After the completion of the workshop participants will have a clear understanding on how to effectively manage the changes and implications as a result of the implementation of AARTO nationally.


Who should attend?

  • Organisations with company vehicles 

  • HR Managers or individuals responsible for discipline in the workplace.

  • Fleet / vehicle managers, company nominated proxy.

  • Drivers



  • R 3190 -00 (incl. Vat) per delegate

  • Price include course material, certificates and catering/ refreshments

  • Safe and secure parking

  • Gautrain: Complimentary shuttle to and from OR Tambo International Airport


For further information contact

  • Hanlie or Peraldo at telephone: (012) 661 3208

  • Email: ;


Online Booking


Click here to download registration forms for 28 November 2019: Emperors Palace: Convention Centre





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